*By uniting kindness, creativity, and the gaming community, we believe we can make the world a better place.

What We Do

Our team produces events where we showcase our favorite games, hobbies, and talents. During the live broadcast of the event, we bring awareness to distinguished charitable causes, and encourage the audience to make a donation.

Our Values

Our events highlight the creativity of our staff and volunteer team. We embrace our team’s ability to advance our events by showcasing their unique personalities and skills.
We value growth in our community as a space of shared joy and passion. We engage with our audience to introduce and connect new members to the greater world of philanthropy.
We build an inclusive culture that supports and celebrates diversity. We actively seek to empower all who join us to achieve shared goals.
We are honest and ethical in our work, being transparent to our staff, partners, and community about our projects and goals. Our charitable work must be efficient and accountable.

Our Work


Since 2009, Kinstone has brought together gamers, musicians, artists, tech experts, and entertainers to celebrate The Legend of Zelda series of video games.With hundreds of thousands of viewers, Zeldathon has raised over $3,200,000 for great causes.

Piece of Heart

Bringing the show on the road, Piece of Heart brings Zeldathon directly to the community. By partnering with gaming conventions such as MomoCon, audiences clamor together to watch the fun unfold on stage.


Going beyond charity, Kinstone’s director produces his own broadcasts regularly on Twitch. MC has been published in Nintendo Life, Eurogamer, and the LA Times.


In addition to our in-house productions, we are available to be hired to help you achieve your goals. Below are our main services, but feel free to reach out if you have something outside this scope. We're always open to new ideas and projects!Broadcast Production
We have been building a cache of studio level equipment since our inception. Our expertise with both the hardware and software to create amazing live broadcasts can help you bring your next idea to life.
Charity Consulting
Non-profits have discovered that the gaming and live broadcast industry is one of top ways that new donors are joining the philanthropy community. With over a decade of experience working with organizations of all sizes, Kinstone can help you take the first steps into the world of Twitch. If you’re already established in the space, we are able to give completely custom advice on how to improve your digital programs.
Event Production
The logistics of putting together large groups of people for a weeklong event can be daunting for anyone. Luckily, by working in this space our crew has developed the skills needed to take your event idea from concept to reality. Get in touch about what you’re planning at any time.

Contact Us

We're happy to accept project ideas, partnership requests, and anything you need to tell us through this form.A member of our team will follow up with you at earliest convenience.